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Mathematics 10-3 (MAT1793)

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Mathematics 10-3 (MAT1793) is the first course in the -3 stream of courses aimed at preparing students, like yourself, for entry into many post-secondary trade apprenticeship programs or entry into the workforce.  As a student in this course, you will further develop mathematical skills for use in finance, design and measurement. 

Pre-requisite:   D- (50%) in Essential Math (ACF0004) or equivalent

Passing Grade:  50%

Time for Completion: 24 weeks from start date

Units:   1: Earning Income
            2: Linear Measurement
            3: Measurement Problems
            4: Area Measurement
            5: Capacity, Volume, Mass and Temperature
            6: Working With Money
            7: Lines and Angles
            8: Relationships in Right Triangles
            9. Similar Polygons
            Final Exam

Books and Materials: 

Mathematics for Apprenticeship and Workplace 10 published by Nelson, ISBN: 9780176502713 (purchase online)

Scientific calculator such as the CASIO fx-260 SOLAR FRACTION

Geometry set

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